Hello! My name is Kristal Alder. I was blessed to be born as “Lucky # 7” in a family of 12 children. My husband Bryon and I have shared 19 years of marriage that have produced 3 great children, along with several varieties of animals, lots of love, and an ever-growing state of chaos! That I Love!

Throughout my years of education and employment I have acquired and developed skills of organizing, time, and office management, including, but Most Definitely not limited to, managing parish calendars, ministry schedules, and newsletters, as well as, building and maintaining a database.

I refuse to accept the old adage, “The devil is in the details.” Nope! I believe, “There is a delight in the details.” I am excited that we have found one another and I can’t wait to begin working with you to lighten your day to day burdens of scheduling and organizing so that you and your family can have the time to enjoy all of the endeavors that make your life so joyously yours!!

Thanks for being here! Kristal Alder